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Where you’ll find a gallery of work, projects in progress, a blog of what inspires me, an occasional guest photographer/artist I’ll feature, and details on how images were made.

Artist Statement

My goal is to create Fine Art Photographs, an image both artistically inspired and technically proficient. I photograph to capture an emotion that’s triggered by color, structure, or light. Inspired by—many genres of music, Impressionist and Modern painters, New York School poetry, and classic literature—my photographic style leans toward a preference for simplicity over complexity. Graceful lines and curves define soft and elegant; light dictates the shape and movement of an image in order to lead to that oneness of subject and photographer.

It’s from the viewfinder where the conversations begin. The line that runs in a diagonal, the curves that remind me of a petticoat long forgotten, the silhouettes defined by its background, the added elements of various textiles and paper through which I see my subject, or in post-processing where texture may give an added touch to my subject—all in nature: captivating and continually inspiring.

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